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PRC 11 collaborates actively with community coalitions that focus on providing prevention services related to underage drinking, tobacco use, illicit drug use, as well as recreational use of prescription medications among youth. These coalitions mobilize their communities to address the needs of the population in the region, and provide evidence-based program services that aim to reduce the incidence of substance abuse among youth and adults. Furthermore, community coalitions promote a drug free environment by bringing communities together through collaborative efforts, such as substance use trends presentations, community health fairs, town hall meetings, creation of local ordinances that address specific drug use issues, and outreach activities that promote healthy lifestyles.

Furthermore, the coalitions in Region 11 have an enormous impact in the community as it is through their assiduous effort that state and local representatives are able to create and approve ordinances and policies that contribute to preventing minors from falling into drug addiction.

The Prevention Resource Center in region 11 has a strong partnership with the following community coalitions

  • Uniting Neighbors In Drug Abuse Defense (UNIDAD) in Hidalgo County
  • Communities Against Substance Abuse (CASA) in Willacy County
  • UNIDAD Tobacco Prevention and Control Coalition in Hidalgo County
  • SCAN Starr County Community Coalition in Starr County
  • Webb County Community Coalition in Webb County
  • Youth Continuum of Care Coalition in Nueces County
  • Tobacco Prevention and Control Coalition in Nueces County
  • Project Turnaround and Project HOPE in Nueces County