Why do communities need a PRC?

PRC’s provide support in the following areas:
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Increase awareness of community needs and resources
  • Facilitate evidence-based decision-making ability
  • Dissemination of reports and data findings
  • Enhanced networking ability with diverse organizations
  • Training related to data collection (i.e. Focus Groups, Epidemiological Workgroups, Key Informant Interviews)
  • Creation of a Central Data Repository
  • Presentations on prevention and behavioral issues regarding data findings

PRC 11 provides services to communities and organizations in the 19 counties of South Texas by:

  • Engaging in data collection efforts and analysis regarding alcohol, tobacco and other drug use or misuse.
  • Providing dissemination of data findings, information, and training resources
  • Working to build collaborations and inform communities
  • Compiling and analyzing data to produce Regional Needs Assessments
  • Providing training and conducting focus groups, key informant interviews, surveys, and epidemiological work groups
  • Providing access to training resources in the region
  • Enforcing strong networks among agencies and entities in the region