The Prevention Resource Center in region 11 performs different data collection activities in the region with the collaboration of several local and regional organizations and agencies.

Regional Needs Assessment


The Regional Needs Assessment (RNA) report is created by each Prevention Resource Center in the state of Texas, in conjunction with the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) every year. Data compiled to produce this report is gathered to provide the state, agencies and organizations, and the community at large with a comprehensive view of information about the trends, outcomes, and consequences associated with alcohol, tobacco and other drug use in the region. The methodology for this report was designed to enable PRC’s, DSHS, and community stakeholders to engage in long-term strategic prevention planning based on current and prospective services relative to the needs of the communities in the State. The information compiled in the RNA will be utilized to build a Regional Data Repository, which will become a regional asset throughout the State.

Download the 2017 Regional Needs Assessment Copy by clicking here Download the 2017 Regional Handbook Risk & Protective Factors Copy by clicking here Download the 2016 Regional Needs Assessment Copy by clicking here Download the 2015 Regional Needs Assessment Copy by clicking here Download the 2015 Regional Handbook of Risk & Protective Factors by clicking here Download the 2014 Regional Needs Assessment Copy by clicking here

County Fact Sheets


The Prevention Resource Center 11 collects and analyzes data from diverse national, state, and regional sources. PRC creates “County Fact Sheets” that highlight the most recent trends and information about alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs, marijuana, and other drugs in region 11, as well as related risk and protective factors, and consumption and consequences data. These fact sheets are available for download in the “County Fact Sheets” tab in this website. These reports are available to share with contacts or for presentations, meetings, and general data dissemination.

View the County Data Sheets here

Focus Groups


Abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drugs is a problem throughout Region 11 and the entire United States. However, communities vary greatly in the specific problems they face, the groups affected by those problems, and the events that rouse people to take action. PRC 11 aims to identify specific issues and gaps in services existing in the diverse communities in Region 11. Focus groups can reveal a wealth of detailed information and deep insight about issues such as alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use. PRC 11 provides training and conducts focus groups throughout the region that facilitate design, evaluation, and creation of prevention programs, as well as policy making. If you would like to participate in our focus groups or would like information and training please contact us.

Download the 2016 Focus Group Report Copy by clicking here

Key Informant Interviews


PRC provides training and performs Key Informant Interviews with the purpose of collecting qualitative information from a wide range of people—including community leaders, professionals, or residents—who have firsthand knowledge about the community and trends related to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs use in the region. These interviews provide insight on the nature of problems that are ongoing in the community, and may also provide recommendations for solutions. Please contact the PRC staff if you would like more information about this data collection process.